Root Canal Therapy Canberra

A Treatment That Saves Your Badly Damaged Tooth

Root canal therapy is a procedure to treat infections that have reached deep into the pulpal chamber of the tooth.

The aim of root canal therapy is to save a badly damaged tooth caused due to dental decay, disease or injury from any physical, thermal or chemical trauma. Ethically the aim of every dentist is to save a natural tooth and keep up its best health rather than extract them when there is damage to it.

General dentists perform root canal therapy but complicated cases are referred to specialists in this field called the endodontists.

During the procedure of root canal therapy, the dentist will first eliminate the cause of damage to tooth, removed the damaged part of tooth, build it up with artificial filling materials to restore the shape and thus the function of tooth. This is followed by drilling through the centre of the tooth structure to reach the ‘pulp’.

‘Pulp Chamber’ is the cavity in the tooth where all the vital substance of the tooth lies. It is mostly located in the centre of the tooth.

In a damaged tooth, the pulp is highly irreversibly inflamed, decayed or non vital. Hence it is curetted out and the pulp chamber is cleaned. The cleaning also continues to the pulpal regions of the root as well.

The entire pulpal chamber is then dried and filled with a special rubber called Gutta Percha. The tooth is finally filled and crowned when necessary to improve the health of the remaining tooth structure and keep up its functionality.

Root canal therapy involves 3 main stages. Each appointment can take for 45 to 90 mins depending on complexity of canals in the root system

  1.  Extripation of pulp stage: this stage reduces the infection and inflammation in the tooth drasticallyWe have the best root canal therapy in Canberra.
  2. Chemo Mechanical preparation stage: this stage is used to cleanse the pulpal chamber and root canals with a variety of different chemicals and medicaments.
  3. Obturation stage: This stage seal canal space off. The tooth is completely free of symptoms by the end of this stage.

Each stage of the Root canal therapy requires a separate appointment for each. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for many patients and the dentist will work closely with you to ensure your appointments best suit your needs.

The complexity of the treatment plays a large role in the cost of the treatment. At Civic Gentle Dental Care, we aim to provide exceptional dental work at an affordable cost. Patients can expect to pay approximately $800-$1,800 for Root Canal Therapy.

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