Teeth Cleaning Canberra

Most dental problems are preventable. Tooth decay is one of the most rampant diseases in Canberra, affecting 1 of 3 adults. But this is an easily manageable disease that can be addressed before it worsens if regular dental visits and teeth cleaning are made a priority. 

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, teeth cleaning Canberra is among the Preventive Dental Services we offer.

Home care teeth cleaning system composes the use of a toothbrush and applying proper toothbrushing techniques to eliminate tooth surface plaques and to clean the tongue. It also involves the use of dental floss to remove the food debris in between the teeth. It is finished off with mouthwashing for a whole mouth clean. This should be a routine practice that is to be done twice to three times a day.

However, there are certain areas of the mouth that are not thoroughly cleaned by regular home care. Oftentimes, patients forget to brush the back of their teeth and the farthest teeth in the mouth which is the wisdom teeth. The build-up of dental plaque on these areas will eventually turn into hard deposits that may cause bad breath and gum irritation.

Also, the bristles of the toothbrush are not capable of cleaning beneath the gum line. Bacteria present in uncleaned plaque will cause gum inflammation and eventual bone damage. To prevent such cases, Dental Cleaning is advised at least twice a year and every 6 months.

  • Allows routine and comprehensive dental check-up to be performed
  • Removes plaque and inhibits plaque buildup that may cause bacteria accumulation and eventual tooth decay
  • Removes hardened deposits that may encourage gum irritation and, if worsened, bone damage on surrounding teeth
  • Detects earlier signs of broken or fractured dental fillings
  • Reduces the likelihood of bad breath due to poorly maintained oral hygiene
  • Removes stubborn spots and surface discolourations leading to a brighter and whiter smile
  • Locates the presence of dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum inflammation which can be addressed earlier
  • Identifies the presence of oral cancers and infection which if treated earlier will guarantee better healing
  • Encourages better oral hygiene practices after patient education

Here at Civic Gentle Dental Care, we currently have a new patient special offer. Our New Patient Teeth Cleaning Cost or removal of calculus cost is only $199 whilst Deep Teeth Cleaning cost about $85 per tooth depending on which tooth/gum is infected.

What to Expect During Teeth Cleaning

Professional dentist teeth cleaning would comprise “scale and clean”. Here is what your teeth cleaning appointment should generally look like at Civic Gentle Dental Care.

This is to locate the presence of accumulated plaques and hardened deposits. Also,  a routine examination is performed to identify different dental problems that you should be concerned about.

This is an important part of the treatment procedure as this will help you get an overview of the dental care that you should receive after teeth cleaning. Our friendly team of dentists will also guide you on a suitable treatment plan for comprehensive dental treatment.

Next, your plaques and hardened calculus will be removed. Your dentist will use a scaler and vibrate it against the hard deposits for the removal of calculus and plaque. The area underneath your gum line will also be scaled to remove attached calculus on the root of the teeth.

Cleaning or teeth wash is then done using a dental brush that will remove the debris from scaling. Also in scaling, microabrasions on the tooth surface are likely to happen because of its sharp material. However, this is easily polished and returned to its normal state through professional teeth polishing.

Once everything is done, the last step is patient education to ensure that even after you leave our clinic, proper oral hygiene is followed and optimum dental health is assured. You are also to be advised of the other dental treatments that you should consider based on the treatment plan that your dentist has laid out for you.

Among the Preventive Dental Services that we commit to are Professional Dental Cleaning and Oral Health Education. Visit our clinic now and let us help you kickstart a bright future with an amazing smile and good dental health.