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At Civic Gentle Dental Care, we have a simple philosophy, which is to provide quality dental care, in a friendly and caring manner, at a good price point, to ensure that our patients receive value for money.

We have the latest dental equipment, technology and materials, along with experienced dentists to provide you with the very best dental care that we offer.

We have a team of over 3 dentists and 5 support staff to take care of all your dental health needs.

Dr Nada Younis of Civic Gentle Dental Care

Dr Nada Younis

Following her mother’s steps ,Dr Younis graduated from College of Dentistry in Baghdad, and has over 25 years of clinical dentistry experience. In 2003, Dr Younis migrated with her family to beautiful New Zealand and made it home. In 2017, Dr Younis decided to move to Australia, and she has found it to be a very nice place to live in.

Dr Younis says “I love Dentistry and I enjoy my work and find it very exciting to meet with people every day. Going to work for me is like meeting with friends and making new friends while enjoying practicing dentistry. What I like about dentistry is that it is a very nice combination of medicine, science, care for people and art. My major interest in dentistry is cosmetic dentistry, restoring teeth and root canal treatment.”

Dr Younis believes in having an open, honest dialogue with patients about their dental care. By discussing the concerns of patients openly, whether it is something they would like to change about their smile, or what to expect during a procedure, she believes providing the most information possible is the best way to help patients reach and maintain optimal oral health.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling (road trips are a favourite), cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr Tam Le

BDSc (Hons)

After growing up in Canberra, I decided to pursue my dream of being a dentist at the University of Queensland and graduated with first class Honours. I find the most rewarding aspect of dentistry to be helping people achieve and maintain their oral health goals. Whether it is a simple check up and clean or aesthetic work to restore the confidence in their smile, I enjoy helping people of all ages and backgrounds.

I have a particular soft spot for introducing children to their first positive dental experience and cultivating a lifetime of good oral habits. With my patient and gentle nature (and small hands), I aim to make every dental appointment a relaxed and stress-free one.

Dr John Choi

DMD (University of Sydney), B. Pharm (Hons)

One of the reasons why I chose dentistry as my career is because I get to meet a lot of patients from all sorts of different backgrounds. I love listening to patient’s own unique life stories and build good relationships with them.

Prior to dentistry, I was originally trained as a pharmacist in Melbourne and worked for 5 years, allowing me to have a broader understanding of general health and take many co-existing medical conditions into account when treating my patients in dental settings.

I am a firm believer that prevention is the key to the optimal dental health. Just by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes with a right brushing technique, lots of dental conditions can be prevented. This was the first and most fundamental key message I got out from my dental training at the University of Sydney. So, during your first visit for check-up and clean, I will spend a great amount of time explaining to you about your dental health with photos and radiographs (dental x-rays) as visual aids to help your understanding. This is because the optimal dental care can only be achieved with your good understanding and motivation in caring your dental health as a daily basis, not just focusing on the present dental issue. I believe that this will allow my patients to feel more confident about making informed decision on their treatment options.

Sometimes I hear from my patients that coming to see dentists make them feel nervous which unfortunately, can delay any necessary dental treatment that can be easily fixed and managed. However, I am a very friendly person and my patients tell me that I have a gentle demeanour towards them. So, I would like to finish by saying that we will ensure that our professional team including myself will look after you very well and keep you as comfortable as possible on your first dental visit.

Dr Mike Fleetwood

I graduated from Bristol in the UK in 1974 and have worked the UK, Papua New Guinea, and for the last 27 years in Australia. My experience has been in private practice, government clinics, hospitals and in management roles. I enjoy treating patients from all walks of life and try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. Please feel free to discuss with me here at dentist Canberra any particular concerns you may have about looking after your teeth or any anxiety you may have about dental procedures.

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, a Canberra dentist, we do everything we can you make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

A healthy diet and regular tooth cleaning are very important for preventing dental disease. I will be pleased to give you advice about this, as well as information about the many treatment options modern dentistry here with the best dentist in Canberra can provide.

Oral Health Therapist

Jaimie McIver

Jaimie McIver

Bachelor of Oral Health, CSU

At our practice, we all take pride in helping our patients:

  • To understand how to prevent further problems in the mouth as well as discussing with them all different options for their dental needs
  • To have all the information they need to help them make educated decisions on what is best for them
  • To have access to treatment that will be the least costly, in terms of value for money. We always take into consideration the possible treatment outcomes, such as the potential longevity of a restoration, when advising between different procedures.

Practice Policies:

Payments Payment  is required on the day of your treatment. We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, and EFTPOS.

Treatment plans A written treatment plan here at the gentle dentist Canberra can be provided for you to take home and view. We are available to discuss this with you at anytime should you require further information on your recommended treatments. Appointments Should you wish to re-schedule your appointment we require 24 hours notice so that we may accommodate our other patients. Health funds If you have health insurance we can process your claim electronically. This is done at the end of each appointment.

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