Orthodontics Canberra

Orthodontics in Canberra provides treatment that will cater the different needs and preferences of clients. This includes the use of fixed appliances such as Invisalign, braces, special fixed appliances, as well as fixed space maintainers.

We have the best orthodontists in Canberra.

The cost of braces varies depending on the complexity as well as the length of time. Our Invisalign price Canberra has interest free payment plan from $25/week.

  • Express Package: Up to 7 Aligners
  • Lite Package: Up to 14 aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years
  • Moderate Package: Up to 26 aligners and unlimited refinement aligners for 2 years
  • Comprehensive Package: Unlimited aligners within 5 years of treatment time

For the traditional braces, our other dental branches located at Sydney: Sydney CBD Dentistry, Hornsby Dental, and North Ryde Dentisty will be able to give you this type of orthodontic treatment. Their braces cost starts from $4,500 – $6,000+ depending on the severity of the case.

  • Misaligned teeth
    • Caused by a number of factors, each with its own distinctive feature.
    • Can also result from improper fit of dental restorations and the likes.
  • Crowded teeth
    • Often the result of the difference between the jaw and tooth size or between the size of the upper and lower jaws.
  • Overbite
    • Sometimes referred to as buck tooth is often hereditary which means that there is a huge likelihood of a child getting it from his or her mom’s, dad’s, grandma’s and grandpa’s genes.
    • Bad oral habits can also cause the development of overbite such as thumb sucking or using of pacifier when younger.
  • Tooth spacing
    • Opposite of crowding and this happens when a person loses a tooth with no way of filling up the mouth.
    • Also occurs if your jaw has more space causing your teeth to spread out as they may not be large enough to fill them.
    • People who have a habit of pressing their tongue against their teeth when they swallow also have a huge likelihood of developing gaps in front of their teeth.

Orthodontist in Canberra also provides the option to use removal appliance which includes Invisalign (clear aligners), jaw position appliances, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expander, removable retainers, headgears and the likes. You will surely find suitable treatment with the vast options available in Canberra.

Achieving the perfect smiles requires the aid of the best orthodontists in Canberra. The services of an orthodontist indeed contribute greatly in helping achieve a number of people’s goals with their teeth.

The best age for braces is around the teenage years as the teeth move more easily and there is minimal wear on the teeth. As an adult, you can still get braces and if the teeth are suitable, there is no age limit.

Metal braces are considered to be the best at moving teeth, as well as the fastest but depending on complexity, Invisalign can work just as well as braces.

The teeth will be tender as they move. The teeth may be sore when a new wire is first placed but it will resolve after a few days. Some patients may experience a dull ache at first but it can usually be managed with painkillers such as Panadol or Nurofen.

Depending on the severity of the bite problem, braces may take 12-24 months to work.

Braces may subtly change your lower face shape by improving the alignment of the teeth. This means your smile may become broader and your lips may have more/less support.

Patient will usually have appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Once the braces are removed, retainers need to be worn every day to keep the teeth in their new positions.

If using Invisalign, you can take it out when eating to give you comfort but it is recommended to only take it out a few hours at a time. For traditional braces, it is recommended to avoid any crunchy, hard or sticky foods which could potentially break the braces.