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It should be noted that as we grow older, the desire to save our teeth marginally increases. The reason behind this is that growing a new set of teeth is impossible after our adolescent years.

For that matter, many often have a habit to put tooth extraction off saving them as a last resort. Preserving our teeth is indeed a noble effort and with that being said, some teeth are worth saving while others, not so much.

Let us look at some of the reasons why a tooth extraction in Canberra may be necessary.

A tooth may not be saved if it has received irreplaceable damage because of tooth decay. An infection may arise due to the bacteria that is created by the decay which can then invade the pulp.

During such cases, it is best to have the affected tooth removed as soon as possible.

The same is true with regards to periodontal disease which is an infection of the gums and the surrounding teeth.

A tooth extraction procedure will be able to provide timely and effective aid to the problem.

We provide tooth extraction in Canberra.Sometimes even though no infection is involved, clients may still be advised to have their tooth extracted.

A good example of this is the overcrowding that can happen in the mouth with your teeth.

Having no room for the teeth to move and realign can be a huge problem as this can affect the overall quality of your smile.

This also applies to an impacted wisdom teeth Canberra in which a wisdom teeth removal in Canberra is often advised.

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