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Tips During Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid it and it’s so ironic that the more you try to stay away from it, the more it happens. So knowing what to do during those unexpected situations can mean the difference between loosing and saving your tooth. Remember in any situation, knowing is half the battle.

So here are some tips during the most common dental emergencies in Canberra:

  • For a knocked-out permanent tooth, always try to keep it moist, if possible try returning the tooth back in the socket but be careful not to touch the roots, if it can’t be done, just place it between your cheeks and gums or in a glass of milk. See your emergency dentist in Canberra right away.
  • For a cracked tooth, the best thing to do is to rinse your mouth immediately with warm water. Remember to put a cold towel or cold compress on your face to prevent swelling.
  • When you accidentally bit your tongue, immediately clean the affected area and apply cold compress. You also put ice on the affected area and let it stay there until it melts.
  • For toothaches, rinse your mouth with salt and warm water, brush your teeth or floss it to remove bits of food that might be caught between your teeth. Do not self-medicate, book in for an appointment with your emergency dentist in Canberra immediately.
  • For trapped foods in tooth, try brushing and flossing first, never try to remove stuck pieces of food using ,a scissor, a knife, a pin or any sharp or pointed instruments because this could cause further damage to your tooth or even hurt you in the process.

These tips can be of great help when you encounter these emergencies but always keep in mind that in any emergency, the most important thing is to focus and always give your 100% attention at all times, and above all, DON’T PANIC.

Dental emergencies in Canberra


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Tooth Extraction Risks and How to Avoid Them



Tooth Removal in CanberraA huge number of individuals often delay tooth extraction in hopes to save their teeth.

Others avoid the procedure because of the pain and inconvenience it provides during and after treatment.

Tooth removal in Canberra plays a very important role in helping protect the overall integrity of our oral health.

Without it, there is a huge likelihood that the decayed tooth can infect the surrounding area resulting to an even bigger problem than before.

Let us look at what are the risks of tooth extraction as well as some tips on how to overcome them.

It should be noted that complications such as bleeding, pain, infection, swelling, broken root tips, bone chips and fragments with Canberra tooth extraction risks are minimal especially when it is performed by a professional who had plenty of experience with such cases.

You can also greatly reduce the risk of tooth extraction by having the procedure done as soon as possible instead of delaying them. Tooth extraction in Canberra healing time takes about 1 to 2 weeks to recover making it necessary to have them performed right away.

It is important to note that tooth extraction risk does not only happen during the procedure but also after the treatment is done. If one is not careful, they can risk having their wounds re-open resulting to a number of complications.

Tooth extraction aftercare plays a huge role in helping maximise and in some cases, speed up the recovery of your tooth. For that matter, make sure that you follow your dentist advice and don’t be afraid to visit them when the need arises.



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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Medicare Coverage

Medicare today provides a great measure of convenience and relief helping save people a fair amount of resources with their hospital bills. This does indeed offer great flexibility allowing people to take advantage of a variety of hospitalisation services.

With that being said, Medicare has its own scope and limitations making it hard to make use of the service in particular fields. One of them is in the field of dentistry.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost in Canberra

Wisdom teeth removal in Canberra and their cost can range from $300 – $600 per tooth depending on the complexity of the extraction. It should be noted that a person can have four wisdom teeth all at the same time which can be quite problematic to deal with.

A number of clients opt to have all of their wisdom teeth extracted to help save them time and convenience. However, wisdom teeth removal price will also marginally increase and this is the reason why a number of individuals are looking to find cheap wisdom teeth removal to help them with their cost.

How Much Is Wisdom Tooth Removal in Civic Gentle Dental Care?

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our rate is more affordable as compared to other dental practices around Canberra. Our wisdom tooth removal price starts from $230 – $450 per tooth depending on the situation. If it is possible for a wisdom tooth to be extracted in a straightforward procedure, then it is only $230 per tooth. For a surgical extraction, then it costs $350 – $450 per tooth.Wisdom teeth removal price in Canberra

So is wisdom teeth removal covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare today does not include dental care under their coverage especially since this type of procedure is not usually performed in a hospital setting.

There are however, some instances where Medicare will be able to cover dental treatments such as wisdom teeth removal.

For instance, a person may require a dental procedure in order to treat another medical condition.

Medicare will pay for the hospitalisation cost granted that the dental surgery is performed in a hospital.

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Why You Need To Consider Tooth Extraction


Each and every one of our tooth goes through a lot of stress with them being used on a regular day to day basis primarily with the various foods that we are eating. Over time, our teeth become susceptible in developing a variety of oral problems.

If left unattended for a considerable period, our tooth becomes at risk in developing serious damage to the point that they are irreparable any longer. During such cases, tooth extraction is the only choice left to help relieve people from the pain that they are experiencing.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Canberra

Tooth extraction in Canberra is a popular practice making it important for dentist to provide their clients with good alternatives for their teeth replacement. In some cases, even the healthy ones such as the wisdom tooth are being extracted as they are known to cause problemWe are the best dentistry in Canberra.s in the future.

A normal Canberra tooth extraction can range from $300 up to $350 and this price can depend on a number of factors such as using a local anaesthetic or sedation.

Wisdom tooth extraction cost in Canberra however is a bit pricier when compared to a normal extraction procedure. The reason behind this is that most of the time, wisdom tooth removal is more complicated which requires surgical extraction.

People can expect paying $500 to $600 for each wisdom teeth removal price. With that being said, wisdom tooth extraction cost in Canberra can be lessened with the help of your dental insurance so check in advance if your insurance will be able to cover some of its cost.

Tooth Removal Price at Civic Gentle Dental Care

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our simple tooth extraction only costs $230 but if surgical extraction is needed in such cases like wisdom tooth removal then it would cost about $350 – $450 per tooth. We provide quality treatment even when our rate is still cheaper than most dental practices. So if you need a tooth extraction, then book an appointment with us today.


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Keeping Up With The Times With A Modern Dentistry

Modern technology has paved the way in introducing new and innovative treatments and procedures in the field of dentistry. All of these efforts were made to benefit each and every one of their patients.

As a result, patients today will not be finding any shortage of dental procedures that makes use of the latest technology and equipment found in the present. Let us consider some of the services that a modern dentist in Canberra offers today.We are the experts for your dental needs.

Modern Dental Procedures

A lot of changes has been made in the practice of dentistry. Back then, a huge number of individuals have fears of going to a dental clinic with stories about the discomfort and pain many experience during their visit.

Things changed however for the better, with modern dental procedures making use of painless and hassle free treatments.

For instance, modern dentist today keep their clients relaxed while at the same time block pain through sedation. The procedure is quite popular with a modern dentist in Canberra making their patients feel calm and relatively at ease in the process.

Aside from sedation, new technologies have been introduced in the form of laser dentistry which helps effectively remove any form of bacteria from your teeth in a timely and effective manner. There are also innovations such as Invisalign which is a very good alternative to metal braces as they are practically invisible and can be taken out easily for cleaning.

Make sure to look for these modern dental procedures during your next visit to your dentist.



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How Preventive Dentistry Keeps Dental Problems At Bay

Many are plagued by a variety of dental problems which affects not only their teeth but the gums and the whole mouth as well. This in turn can affect the overall quality of smile a person will be showing.

This is the reason a huge number of individuals take extra efforts in caring for their teeth keeping them in fairly good condition. Good oral care however, is something that can be fully accomplished by yourself and this is quite true as people are advised to visit their dentists regularly.

Let us look at the role of preventive dentistry in keeping our teeth in good shape.

The Role of Preventive Dentistry

It should be noted that preventive dentistry takes many forms. For instance, daily brushing as well as regular flossinWe are the best preventive dentistry in Canberra.g are considered to be a form of preventive dental care.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are some areas of our teeth that we sometimes can’t reach with normal brushing and flossing. There is a huge likelihood of bacteria to develop over time so it is important to have them cleaned with the help of professionals.

Dental cleaning is under preventative dentistry which aids in removing tartar in areas that are difficult to clean. Aside from our teeth, preventative dental services also include having our gums checked to see if there are any signs of disease.

Preventive dental care reduces the likelihood of patients developing dental problems which include cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss as well as periodontitis.

Schedule an appointment with preventive dentistry in Canberra and make use of their variety of preventative dental services today.

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Finding A Dentist In The Canberra City

Canberra is the city capital of Australia with a dense number of populations. People living around the city need to look for services to help compliment their day to day activities.

One of the most sought after service in the present can be found in the form of dental care. Finding city dental near you becomes an utmost importance particularly during emergencies.

Let us guide you through in looking for a dentist in Canberra city.

Advantage of Having City Dentist Near You

Dental emergencies can happen when one least expects it. An accident for instance may result to a broken or chipped tooth.

During such cases, it is important to make use of the services of a city dentist to help save your teeth. City dental cuts the travel time of their clients allowing them to perform their dental treatments and procedures in a timely and effective manner.We are the experts when it comes to your dental needs.

As a result, the dentist’s first response can be performed right away.

Aside from dentists situating their clinics in the heart of the populace, Canberra city dentistry has also extended their reach over the internet. This is made possible with them setting up and integrating their services online.

Most dentist in Canberra city are running their very own websites which welcomes their clients, visitors and guests throughout the entire day. This in turn has made their services more accessible making them fairly easy to come by.

Schedule an appointment in advance with Canberra city dentistry to have your teeth checked and see if there are any problems.

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Finding A Canberra Dentist Near You

Having the services of a dentist helps provide a good measure of convenience and relief as people are able to make use of the services at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. For that matter, it is important that you find a city dentist as soon as possible to provide good protection for your teeth.

Let us help you guide through the search process in looking for dentists in Canberra.

Online is the Place to Go

A huge number of dentists in Canberra made great use of technology by setting their services up over the internet. It should be noted that the best dentist in Canberra will have their very own website that they are running.We are the experts when it comes to your dental needs.

Hence, it is imperative that the Canberra dentist that you find and interested in has their corresponding website which allows easy access and reach. This in turn makes it possible to get in touch with them to schedule an appointment in a fairly easy and hassle free manner.

The best dentist in Canberra have also embraced the latest technologies and up to date procedures in an effort to better serve their customers. Make sure to find a modern dentistry practice during your search for Canberra dentist.

Also, don’t hesitate to head over to the clinic of a dentist in Canberra city to see their location. Building a strong relationship with your dentist is fairly important as you will be working with them for a long time maintaining the overall quality of your smile.

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Best Dentist In Canberra



People find it important to take good care of their teeth. This is the reason why they make sure to provide their teeth with adequate protection by cleaning them regularly.

Dental services can also go a very long way in helping teeth maintain their integrity. Since our teeth are considered to be irreplaceable, you want to make sure they receive the optimum treatment as much as possible.

There are plenty of good dentists in Canberra that is able to provide quality treatment to their clients on a regular day to day basis.

The Importance of Finding The Best Dentist

As mentioned earlier, people want to make use of the best dental procedures that are available in the present. Clients don’t want to gamble on an inexperienced dentist that may do more harm than good.We are the experts for your dental needs.

For that matter, finding good if not the best dentist in Canberra should be of utmost priority. These professionals will be able to lend their helping hand providing quality dental services with the use of the latest technology and procedures.

This in turn gives their clients a huge amount of convenience and relief as they can be sure that their oral health is left in good hands.

It is also great to hear that some of the good dentists in Canberra have extended their services and reached over the internet. Most of the dentists in Canberra now have their own websites to welcome clients and guests who have questions and enquiries.

Book an appointment in advance with the best dentist in Canberra today!

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Making The Most Out Of Your Dental Surgery In Canberra

Dental Surgery in Canberra is practised on a regular basis to a huge number of clients all over the country. These procedures mainly revolve around the surgery of the teeth as well as jaw bones.

These are all done in an effort to improve the overall appearance of their client’s teeth which contributes to the quality of their smiles they can give. For that matter, many find the services of dental surgeon in Canberra to be quite invaluable with the huge amount of convenience and relief they bring to their patients.

Let us look at some of the dental surgery procedures with Canberra dental practice.

Dental Surgery Procedures Available in Canberra

People today will not be finding any shortage of dental surgery procedures available in Canberra. These practices range from Endodontic which is a surgery that revolves around the pulp or root of the tooth, Prosthodontics also known as dental prosthetics, Orthodontic treatment as well as Periodontics.We are the best dental surgery in Canberra.

Popular Canberra dental practice includes root canal therapy, the installation of crowns, bridges and veneers, dental implants, dentures and many more.

Finding a dental surgeon in Canberra is fairly easy with many of them setting up and integrating their services over the internet. With that being said, clients need to prepare in advance to get the most out of their dental surgery.

This includes setting up an appointment beforehand to avoid long queues. Maintenance also plays a very important role in finding success with your dental surgery so be sure to keep your teeth in check by visiting your dentist regularly.



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