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Best Dentist

When you have dental concerns and you are to look up the “best dentist near me”, there would be several dental clinics on your search that look promising. Dental Clinics in Canberra have long evolved to keep pace with modern times, making their list of services within reach for patients.

But if you want to be treated by the best dentist, you should be able to look for excellence in care in all of the treatments and procedures. What are the qualities that you should look for in your search for the best dentist Canberra?

Experience in Care

Some dentists have taken extra education for certain fields of Dentistry and specialise in certain procedures such as dental surgeons and Orthodontists. It is good to have these dentists available at your clinic of choice so you are ensured that any complication during treatment will be handled well and you will be free of worries.

Modern Equipment and Procedures

Best DentistCurrent modern treatments in dentistry are made to be as non-invasive as possible. Conscious dentists will always save whatever is left of your teeth and work from it instead of relying on tooth extraction.

Certain materials nowadays are more durable and can enhance the strength of teeth without having to consider the use of old-fashioned dentures.

Friendly and Positive Personality

Dental fear is common especially for children or for those who had bad previous experience with dentists. However, this is not a problem for dentist Canberra who have good patient handling skills.

Children’s behaviour is kept at bay and patients who have anxieties prior to treatment are well-educated so they are guaranteed that the treatment is safe and they are being handled by perfectly capable professionals.

Patient Compassion and Good Education

The best Canberra dentist does not stop with treatment immediately after the concern has been addressed. Proper patient education should be done after so the patient can maintain optimum oral health.

Visit us for the best dentist in Canberra experience at Civic Gentle Dental Care!

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Cheap Dentist Canberra

Cheap Dentist Canberra

Some dental services are, by all means, can be quite expensive. But in looking for the best Cheap Dentist Canberra, you may find that dental clinics offer quality care at affordable rates, those that suit your budgetary needs and specifications.

While it is a must to restore the perfection of your smile and the functionality of your teeth, comprehensive dental work does not come at an easy price. For a smile makeover, some patients will spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to allow them to smile and bring back their confidence.

Cheap Dentist CanberraLikewise, for dental implants which should be able to allow you to chew and eat properly, this treatment may cost you a large amount of money. But this should not be a problem for Cheap Dentist Canberra that offers dental services at reasonably priced rates.

By reasonably priced rates, we mean that these clinics offer good value for money without the need for unnecessary expenses, have flexible payment terms especially on treatments that are within the higher price range, and proudly offer little to no expense paid dental treatments through the use of various medical insurances.

How to Save Money on Your Dental Treatments?

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, we are proud to offer affordable dental care without undervaluing our clients and while honoring our commitment to excellent dental care and quality dental treatments. 

As an overview, here are some expensive dental treatments and how much our prices are in comparison to the usual Canberra Dentist price range.

Dental Implants

Other clinics will charge you at most $6000 per dental implant, but compassionate care at our clinic will only cost your dental implant $3300 per tooth.

Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Orthodontic Procedures are all the rage nowadays and for this treatment, dental clinics will charge you at a range of $7000 – $15000. However, our clinic offers good payment terms to your favour and Orthodontic Treatment is valued at $3700 – $6000+.

Some of our dental treatments will also be covered by your dental insurance and this will greatly help you with your expenses. This is especially for preventive dental procedures such as teeth cleaning which should be done at least twice a year.


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Teeth Cleaning Cost

Teeth Cleaning Cost

How much is Teeth Cleaning?

Civic Gentle Dental Care campaigns for Preventive Dentistry and all its benefits. With a twice a year visit to the dental clinic, your dentist is able to identify dental problems before it gets worse.

Home care such as tooth brushing and flossing do not suffice as there are certain areas that cannot be cleaned and inspected such as the area beneath your gums and the far back of your mouth. For such, professional dental cleaning is a must.

An appointment for teeth cleaning Canberra would also include a dental check-up. Through this, your dentist can spot tooth decay before it becomes extensive. In one dental visit, other dental concerns such as gum disease, bad breath, malalignment of teeth, and oral cancers are also addressed and treated earlier.

Teeth Cleaning Cost in Canberra

Teeth Cleaning CostFor a general dental check-up with teeth cleaning, clinics would usually charge and base their rates depending on the presence of hard calculus which may be difficult to remove and on whether you need dental x-rays for diagnosis.

In Canberra, the expected dental cleaning cost amounts to $250 – $350. This includes a comprehensive check-up, professional teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

Should you need to have x-rays done for better check-up, an additional expense of around $118 for 2 x-rays is expected.

Teeth Cleaning Price in Civic Gentle Dental Care

At our clinic, we offer affordable teeth cleaning cost whilst valuing patient care, optimum experience in our clinic, and patient education after treatment. If you have not visited the dentist in over 6 months, we highly suggest availing our New Patient Teeth Cleaning special

For only $199, this special offer includes:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination
  • Professional Teeth Cleaning
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Patient education on oral health and habits

These are factors that we believe are important to ensure that the patient’s visit is maximised and are of good value for money for our patients. Variations to this cost would only come about if there is need for deep teeth scaling which is at $85 per tooth or if there are other necessary procedures that need to be carried out.

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Best Canberra Dentist

Best Canberra Dentist

Oral health is one of the benchmarks of a good overall positive state of wellbeing and excellent oral health and practicing good oral habits and hygiene are the first steps to establishing holistic health.

Also, our smile is one of the most valuable things we have. The confidence that a beautiful smile brings in our day-to-day life allows us to be more social and it also has positive reflections on our professional lives.

For optimum oral health and a healthy smile, it is therefore important that you are being taken care of by the best Canberra Dentist.

Best Canberra dentistCivic Canberra is home to several dental clinics that have experienced dental professionals rendering excellent dental services. Searching for a “dentist near me” that can provide such excellent care is no longer a difficult task as the Internet has a plethora of dental clinic sites where you can easily book an appointment.

These dental clinics understand the importance of time for the patient and maximising your visit is always a priority.

Such that, the Canberra best dentist is always there to offer you a treatment plan on your first visit. A treatment plan is an organised process to systematically address your dental concerns.

This treatment plan will first prioritise addressing any pain or discomfort before going through other dental concerns that may cause complications if not taken care of. If necessary, this plan will constitute several diagnostic tools such as dental x-rays so you are ensured of the best results.

Also, being able to give excellent dental care while keeping your comfort and relaxation in mind is also the task for the best dentist Canberra. All procedures are to be kept as painless as possible as we commit to a positive experience while you journey to optimum health.

The last step is patient education wherein your best dentist will make sure that you are aware of how to maintain good oral health so even without the presence of your dentist Canberra, you practice good oral habits and hygiene routine.


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Best Dentist Canberra

What Makes Us Your Ideal Dental Clinic in Canberra

It is challenging to find the best dentist Canberra who can provide excellent dental services at a reasonable price. More than this, finding a dental team or the “best dentist near me” that you can trust with your dental care is not easy at all. 

Our dentist Canberra at Civic Gentle Dental Care are highly skilled and have over 75 years of combined experience, making our patients feel more at ease in the dental setting. Apart from providing high-quality dental services, we are trained to serve with compassion, empathy, and an open ear. In all scenarios, our patient’s well-being is our top priority. We make sure to fulfil your dental needs and serve you in your best interests.

If you find yourself wondering what your ideal dental clinic is, here are some factors you might want to consider:

Best Dentist CanberraModern Technology and Methods

As our technology improves day by day, we make sure our specialists continuously enhance their skills. We keep up with the latest technological innovations and methods in the dental industry by attending regular dental conventions and seminars to provide the best quality of dental care.

An array of Dental Services

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic and standard dental treatments for all ages, including emergency dental care. We help you attain your idea of a beautiful smile to improve your quality of life and make you more confident to flash those pearly whites. 

Friendly and Cozy Environment

A friendly and cozy atmosphere is important for our patients to feel comfortable. We can’t deny that some patients – especially pediatric patients – are afraid of being in a dental clinic. Here at Civic Gentle Dental Care, our team offers a relaxed environment. Our Canberra best dentists are trained to provide gentle dental care, making you feel at ease. 

Compassionate Dentists

The best Canberra dentist will make sure to take care of your current dental issues and educate you about future potential issues that can arise. Patient education is relevant for you to take preventive measures when necessary. 

Our dentists will not recommend a treatment that is more expensive than what you really need. We give options to our patients and let them decide what best suits them. 

Emergency Dentistry

An excellent dentist offers after-hours for unexpected dental emergencies. Our Canberra dentists and staff can accommodate emergencies such as severe pain, chipped tooth, dental abscess, tongue or lip injury, toothache and many more.

If you’re still not convinced that we are the best dentist Canberra or the dental team you’re looking for, then it’s time to grab the phone and speak with our friendly staff. You may reach us at 02 6247 0224.

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Tooth Extraction Cost

Tooth Extraction Cost

Our dental professionals at Civic Gentle Dental Care are firm believers in practicing conscious Dentistry where tooth extraction is always the last resort for treatment. Saving the tooth and preserving tooth structure is always the goal.

But when dental fillings and root canal therapy are no longer enough to allow for normal tooth functions to be carried out and the tooth cannot be restored to its natural appearance and feel, tooth extraction is the treatment of choice.

Tooth extraction Canberra is also indicated as a pre-orthodontic procedure. The space created by the extracted tooth facilitates tooth movement to correct misaligned teeth.

But how much would a tooth extraction in Canberra cost you?

Tooth Extraction Cost in Canberra

Tooth Extraction CostThe rates for tooth extraction cost Canberra varies depending on several factors such as the difficulty of the case, the necessary addition of local anaesthesia, the experience of the dentist, and other patient specifications.

Tooth extraction cases are often evaluated and priced based on the difficulty of the case and the potential need for surgical procedures. In Canberra, simple tooth extractions can cost up to $300 and surgical extractions with more complex procedures cost up to $600.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Civic Gentle Dental Care

Tooth removal Canberra requires a high level of skill and mastery for the attending dentist. Dental anxiety prior to extraction is often common due to injections and the perceived pain that comes with the treatment.

Ensuring that you are in the best hands is the goal of Civic Gentle Dental Care in tooth extraction procedures. Excellence in the quality of care within our friendly environment and accommodating team of professionals is a must so that your experience is guaranteed safe and as comfortable as possible.

In our clinic, we practice high standards of care while considering our patient’s budgets. With that, our prices for Canberra tooth extraction are of the most affordable rates with a simple tooth extraction cost of $230 and complex surgical extraction cost of $350 – $450.



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Dentist Near Canberra

Dentist Near Canberra

If you are a resident of Civic Canberra or in the outskirts of the city, you’d be very happy to know that there is no shortage of “dentist near me” that can provide you with excellent dental care. Dentist Canberra operates with high technical skill and mastery in the craft and uses the most modern technology and advanced innovations.

Dentist Near CanberraWith the many options available for dentist near Canberra, patients should look for Canberra dental care that can provide them all possible services that they may need. 

With the current fast-paced lifestyle and the difficulty for patients to schedule dental visits due to work or school, your dentist Canberra City should be able to cater to whatever your dental needs and concerns may be. This way, your visit is more convenient and your time is always maximised.

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, we are committed to designing a treatment plan that is best suitable to treat your dental problems and manage your dental health. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Preventive Dentistry – this is concerned with preventive dental care that can help prevent the possibility of dental problems in the future. Your Canberra dentist will address proper patient education on oral habits, habitual professional dental cleaning, application of fluoride, mouthguards.

Pediatric Dentistry – for dental problems in children, our friendly team of dentists can help with managing child behavior while performing routine teeth cleaning or dental fillings.

General Dentistry – this includes bi-annual teeth cleaning and scaling, regular check-ups that may include x-rays, gum care, root canal therapy.

Restorative Dentistry – through dental fillings, tooth decay is treated and the tooth is preserved. Also, dental crowns installed after root canal therapy or to manage oddly-shaped teeth help achieve a more natural smile and over-all better look for the patient.

Prosthodontic Dentistry – to replace missing teeth, dental bridges or removable dentures are fabricated. Our Canberra City dentist ensures that your smile will be as natural as possible and you will not look like you are wearing any dental prostheses. 

Orthodontics – malaligned teeth and problems with the bite can affect daily functioning such as speaking and eating. At our clinic, several treatment options to address crooked teeth such as metal braces and Invisalign are available.

Dental Surgery – for patients with severe dental problems that cannot be treated with dental fillings or root canal therapy, our dentist can help through a painless and comfortable experience for tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal.

Cosmetic Dentistry – patients who want to exude better confidence with an enhanced smile opt for cosmetic dental work through dental veneers and teeth whitening.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, usually emerging around the early 20s. At this age, the jaw has been fully developed, and often, the wisdom teeth, which are located far back in the mouth, have no sufficient space for a proper eruption. In this case, we call the wisdom tooth as impacted.

Since the wisdom tooth is often impacted, it can pose several problems such as pain and severe discomfort for the patient. Patient complaints can be associated with severe pain in the area due to the Wisdom Tooth pressing against the adjacent tooth or inflamed gums surrounding the partially impacted Wisdom Tooth. Severe pain is also associated with soreness of the jaws and difficulty to eat and speak.

With an impacted Wisdom Tooth, tooth decay is almost always present as well and this can cause severe toothaches. As the Wisdom Tooth is located at the far back of the mouth, it is often difficult for the patient to properly brush the area and rid of any food debris. 

Due to the several dental concerns that may arise, Wisdom Teeth Removal is now a fairly common procedure. But how much is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom Teeth Removal CostWisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Canberra

The cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal depends on the complexity of your case. Dentists would always consider the placement of the tooth in the jaw in identifying rates. Some cases would have the tooth fully embedded into the jaw bone, making the procedure more difficult and pricier as bone removal is necessary. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Canberra can cost you around $350 per tooth for simple cases. But the expenses can go up to $500 – $600 per tooth for complex surgeries. Using local anaesthetics, removal of the 4 wisdom teeth would cost at most $2,350.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost at Civic Gentle Dental Care?

We understand that Wisdom Teeth Removal, though is a necessary procedure, can be quite expensive. We pride in making sure our quality dental care and services are made as affordable as possible without compromising a favorable outcome.

Wisdom Teeth Removal price at Civic Gentle Dental Care is only $230 for simple Wisdom Tooth Removal and $350 – $450 for more complex surgical procedures.

Keep in mind that such numbers are still subject to minimal variations depending on other necessary procedures that need to be done. All of which will be explained to you by your attending dentist during treatment.


Dentist Canberra

General Dentistry

Civic Canberra

Civic Canberra

Looking for a Civic Canberra dentist today has become much easier with the help of technology with many clinics having their very own website that they are managing. As a result, just about anyone will be able to schedule an appointment with a dentist Canberra at any given time.

Each dentist, however, is different, often having their unique features and traits that help set them apart from each other. Let us look at some tips on how to help you find the best dentist Canberra.

Civic CanberraIt should be noted that the first factor people would look for with their search for a dentist near Canberra is their skill and experience which is quite important as this will shape the outcome of your procedure. Getting in touch with a skilled “dentist near me” will greatly reduce the risk of complications and other similar issues with your treatment.

Experience is also important with smile makeover cosmetic dentistry in Canberra as this can also result in the procedure to be completed in a shorter amount of time without any issues. 

Skill and experience are not the only factors that define a good Canberra dentist as you will also need to consider their respective traits and personalities. For instance, when working with an emergency dentist Canberra you will want to receive the best treatment possible while at the same time, also feel relaxed and at ease.

This is where traits come into play as a positive personality can help uplift the mood and overall atmosphere of the clinic. 

You can find a variety of dentist Canberra City that are very accessible over their website. Getting in touch with them online gives patients a good amount of opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed in an orderly manner.

Furthermore, how they respond to enquiries will help give you a good amount of overview on what to expect with the services that they can provide.

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Wisdom Teeth Canberra

Wisdom Teeth Canberra

Wisdom teeth Canberra are also called third molars, the last permanent teeth to occur in the mouth, often at the age of 17 to 25. There are those who don’t develop wisdom teeth.

For other people, they simply grow out just like all the other teeth. Some only grow partially.

Wisdom Teeth CanberraWisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure for removing one or more wisdom teeth. These are the four permanent teeth located at the mouth’s four corners both on the top and bottom areas.

Wisdom teeth removal Canberra must be done when a wisdom tooth has no more room to grow and it causes pain, infection, and other dental issues. This requires the services of the best dentist for tooth extraction.

There are also instances when dentists and oral surgeons recommend the Canberra tooth extraction of wisdom teeth to avoid possible future problems. 

The following are some reasons why preventive wisdom tooth extraction Canberra is necessary:

It is true that symptom-free wisdom teeth may still bring about diseases. When the wisdom tooth does not have enough space for growth, it may be hard to reach for proper cleaning.

Serious wisdom tooth complications may happen less in younger adults. Older adults on the other hand may have some difficulty when it comes to surgery and possible complications after it.

It is possible to not have any subsequent appointment after a wisdom tooth extraction if the following conditions are met:

No stitches have to be removed. There are no complications during the procedure. You won’t have to experience persistent issues like swelling, numbness, pain, and bleeding. These complications indicate nerve damage, infection, and other issues. 

If ever you experience complications, it is imperative to contact the dentist or oral surgeon right away. They will discuss treatment options with you.

They may also offer payment schemes and financing options to make it more affordable for you when it comes to wisdom teeth removal price.

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