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Each and every one of our tooth goes through a lot of stress with them being used on a regular day to day basis primarily with the various foods that we are eating. Over time, our teeth become susceptible in developing a variety of oral problems.

If left unattended for a considerable period, our tooth becomes at risk in developing serious damage to the point that they are irreparable any longer. During such cases, tooth extraction is the only choice left to help relieve people from the pain that they are experiencing.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Canberra

Tooth extraction in Canberra is a popular practice making it important for dentist to provide their clients with good alternatives for their teeth replacement. In some cases, even the healthy ones such as the wisdom tooth are being extracted as they are known to cause problemWe are the best dentistry in Canberra.s in the future.

A normal Canberra tooth extraction can range from $300 up to $350 and this price can depend on a number of factors such as using a local anaesthetic or sedation.

Wisdom tooth extraction cost in Canberra however is a bit pricier when compared to a normal extraction procedure. The reason behind this is that most of the time, wisdom tooth removal is more complicated which requires surgical extraction.

So how much is wisdom teeth removal? People can expect paying $500 to $600 for each wisdom teeth removal price. With that being said, wisdom tooth extraction cost in Canberra can be lessened with the help of your dental insurance so check in advance if your insurance will be able to cover some of its cost.

Tooth Removal Price at Civic Gentle Dental Care

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our simple tooth extraction only costs $230 but if surgical extraction is needed in such cases like removal of wisdom teeth Canberra then it would cost about $350 – $450 per tooth. We provide quality treatment even when our rate is still cheaper than most dental practices. So if you need a tooth extraction, then book an appointment with us today.


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