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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, usually emerging around the early 20s. At this age, the jaw has been fully developed, and often, the wisdom teeth, which are located far back in the mouth, have no sufficient space for a proper eruption. In this case, we call the wisdom tooth as impacted.

Since the wisdom tooth is often impacted, it can pose several problems such as pain and severe discomfort for the patient. Patient complaints can be associated with severe pain in the area due to the Wisdom Tooth pressing against the adjacent tooth or inflamed gums surrounding the partially impacted Wisdom Tooth. Severe pain is also associated with soreness of the jaws and difficulty to eat and speak.

With an impacted Wisdom Tooth, tooth decay is almost always present as well and this can cause severe toothaches. As the Wisdom Tooth is located at the far back of the mouth, it is often difficult for the patient to properly brush the area and rid of any food debris. 

Due to the several dental concerns that may arise, Wisdom Teeth Removal is now a fairly common procedure. But how much is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom Teeth Removal CostWisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Canberra

The cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal depends on the complexity of your case. Dentists would always consider the placement of the tooth in the jaw in identifying rates. Some cases would have the tooth fully embedded into the jaw bone, making the procedure more difficult and pricier as bone removal is necessary. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Canberra can cost you around $350 per tooth for simple cases. But the expenses can go up to $500 – $600 per tooth for complex surgeries. Using local anaesthetics, removal of the 4 wisdom teeth would cost at most $2,350.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost at Civic Gentle Dental Care?

We understand that Wisdom Teeth Removal, though is a necessary procedure, can be quite expensive. We pride in making sure our quality dental care and services are made as affordable as possible without compromising a favorable outcome.

Wisdom Teeth Removal price at Civic Gentle Dental Care is only $230 for simple Wisdom Tooth Removal and $350 – $450 for more complex surgical procedures.

Keep in mind that such numbers are still subject to minimal variations depending on other necessary procedures that need to be done. All of which will be explained to you by your attending dentist during treatment.


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