Cosmetic Dentistry

Professional teeth whitening in Canberra is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment done by an experienced dentist.

Zoom teeth whitening in Canberra is a type of professional teeth whitening in which you are able to achieve your pearly white smile. The whitening option is popular throughout the world which has 35% hydrogen peroxide gel that corrects tooth discolouration from tea, tobacco and coffee.

Another way of achieving your perfect smile is using the peroxide teeth whitening and as per dentist it is only using for about 5% solution, however you have to use this for a few more times before you are able to see the results like the 25% hydrogen peroxide.

You can use it as a whitener by mixing it with baking soda and use it as a paste for your teeth then rinse.

If then you are not satisfied with your teeth whitening, you might want to consider laser teeth whitening in Canberra which is an advanced, quick and painless way. It is effective because the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is 32 to 35% compared to the 5% with other teeth whitening products.professional teeth whitening in Canberra

The lower the percentage, the more treatment it requires you to have rather than the laser which only takes 20-30 minutes to see the results.

UV teeth whitening in Canberra and laser teeth whitening procedures are almost the same but differs in the light being used.

Canberra is one of the cities that offer various ways to achieve your pearly white smile. There are different ways like zoom teeth whitening, peroxide teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening and UV teeth whitening. There are lots of professionals who can help you achieve to whiten your smile.

Regardless if we are using any kind of brands in teeth whitening, it is also important to remember that results may vary with each patient.



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