Orthodontics Canberra

Orthodontics Canberra

Orthodontics is concerned with teeth alignment to enhance esthetics, function, and jaw development and movement. Our Orthodontics Canberra in Civic Gentle Dental Care are among the best creating beautiful smiles and functional bites while providing a caring treatment and experience throughout your journey.

For an orthodontic check up, it is advisable that your child visits our team of highly skilled dental professionals at Civic Gentle Dental Care as early as the age of 7. This is the mixed dentition stage where baby teeth have fallen out and permanent teeth will come out to replace them.

It is important that our orthodontist in Canberra can assess the eruption patterns of the teeth to guarantee better dental functions for when the child grows older.

Should there be any misalignments, our Canberra orthodontics at Civic Gentle Dental Care are equipped with the technology and have a variety of treatment options that are available for early management and treatment.

Aside from this, an early visit to our orthodontists can help pick up oral habits that can greatly influence the child’s facial growth and development. Jaw abnormalities are also addressed earlier and properly managed.

At age 7, the child’s bones are still developing and any disruption to the normal growth may affect the future bite. Hence, it is important that our orthodontist Canberra are able to guide your child in this time.

Dental Problems for Orthodontics

  • This happens when the jaws are too small to accommodate the teeth and the tendency of the teeth is to overlap.
  • Areas of crowded teeth are more prone to plaque build-up as the overlap makes it harder for cleaning using a regular toothbrush.
  • Bad breath and tooth decay usually accompanies crowding.
  • Orthodontic treatment is necessary to properly align teeth and lessen the risk for gum disease caused by bacteria due to plaque accumulation.
  • An opposite of crowding. This happens when there is too much room for teeth so they move and form gaps.
  • In cases where there are smaller spaces, food debris can easily lodge on these areas and cause tooth decay if not properly cleaned.
  • Meanwhile, bigger gaps may cause more problems as adjacent and opposing teeth may loosen from its socket in order to fill the gaps.
  • Overbite is when the upper and lower jaw overlaps excessively while overjet is when the upper jaw sticks forward, way past the lower jaw.
  • Overjet may be caused by oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting and if not managed earlier, may cause worsening.
  • Malocclusions like overbite or overjet may cause wear and tear on surfaces of teeth during function.
  • A more serious case may cause severe jaw joint pain and strain due to non-functional bites.
  • This happens when the teeth do not meet when biting.
  • Open bites can happen due to childhood habits such as thumb or finger sucking.
  • This causes difficulty with daily functions such as eating, drinking, and speaking.
  • When not treated, molars will wear and tear due to the excessive biting forces applied on its surfaces.
  • An opposite of overbite. This happens when the upper front teeth sit on the back of the lower front teeth when biting.
  • This causes problems when there is significant wear and tear on the surfaces of teeth.
  • This happens when the upper teeth and lower teeth are misaligned. This may occur on only one tooth or adjacent teeth.
  • Crossbites may induce wear and tear on the grinding surfaces of affected teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Depending on your case and the severity of it, our team of dental professionals will recommend the most suitable treatment for you. With a variety of options available and the most updated technological advancements, our orthodontists aim to give you the best and the fastest treatment to achieve your perfect smile.

For teeth malalignment, metal brackets, clear aligners (Invisalign), and ceramic braces are available in our clinic. More severe misalignments would warrant metal wires and brackets to facilitate with major tooth movement. State of the art technology and modern dental care are available at Civic Gentle Dental Care so faster results are guaranteed.

Other treatment and management options for orthodontic cases are removable appliances that facilitate tooth movement and involve non-surgical jaw alignment. This includes: lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, removable retainers, jaw position appliances, and headgears.

Through thorough assessment and patient consideration, Orthodontics Canberra at Civic Gentle Dental Care will be able to design a treatment plan that is best suited to treat your orthodontic problems. 

Visit us at Civic Gentle Dental Care and let us help you create your perfect smile.

Orthodontics Canberra