Orthodontist and dentist both help patients in the improvement of their oral health, though not in the same way. Dentistry is a general dental speciality that deals with your teeth, gums, nerves and jaw whilst orthodontics is a field under dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusions and teeth straightening.

It is also said that all orthodontist is a dentist but not all dentist are orthodontists.

A dentist normally provides services for the following oral problems; tooth decay, root canals, gum disease, crowns, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening.

On the other hand, Orthodontist is also a dentist that specialises in teeth alignment providing services for the following specialised cases: misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, overbite and under bite. If you need treatment for these teeth problems, you can easily find the best orthodontist in Canberra that could best assist you.

How Much Are Braces in Canberra?

Orthodontist prices in Canberra differs depending on your needs. Braces cost around $8,000-$15,000 whilst Invisalign cost $7,000-$9,000. Most orthodontist in Canberra price may be quite high, this is because Canberra orthodontic treatment is highly personalised and is based on both the orthodontist and the patient.

Braces Price at Civic Gentle Dental Care

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our Invisalign price Canberra starts from $4,100 – $7,490 depending on the Invisalign package needed. For the traditional braces, our other dental branches in Sydney namely Hornsby Dental, Sydney CBD Dentistry, and North Ryde Dentistry will be able to cater this type of orthodontic treatment. Their braces are of excellent quality yet affordable. It is actually quite cheaper than most dental clinics around Sydney. Their braces cost starts from $4,500 – $6,000+ depending on the complexity of your case.

Your expenses are totally dependent on your age, insurance plan and the type of braces you want to wear. The orthodontist will determine the best treatment based on the following: your bite, stage of your crooked teeth, small or wide jaws, teeth shape and if your teeth are worn down due to a bad bite.Orthodontist in Canberra

Sometimes, your private health insurance will most likely cover some of the cost, so once your orthodontist provides you with a quote, it’s always best to call them to find out how much of the treatment cost will be covered.

The orthodontist may be quite high but they will help you figure out your orthodontics Canberra treatment options so that they can give you the best care for your investment.



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