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Tooth Filling Cost

How Much are Tooth Fillings?

Dental Fillings are a restorative procedure that is done to save whatever is left of your teeth while considering the aesthetics of it and prioritising the function. This is a treatment for broken or cracked teeth or for tooth decay.

There are several types of fillings available and your dentist will explain to you which will be suitable for your case.

The type of tooth filling is generally dictated by the location of the tooth in the mouth, the extent of the fractured teeth and the tooth decay, patient’s age, and patient’s expectations and budget requirements.

Tooth Filling CostIn our clinic, we offer variations of tooth filling materials to properly cater to whatever your dental concern may be. These tooth fillings Canberra are:

  • Dental Amalgam – used for its proven strength, therefore ideally placed at molars for added teeth durability during chewing
  • Glass Ionomer Filling – is a fluoride-releasing material best suited for children
  • Composite Filling – has great capability to mimic the natural teeth; modern composites also have excellent strength and are now better weight-bearing material for chewing
  • Gold and Silver Fillings – these metal fillings have high-quality durability that can withstand heavy biting forces

But the question is how much does a filling cost?

Dental Fillings Cost in Canberra

In several Canberra clinics, tooth fillings price can be valued up to $5000 depending on the type of material that will be used.

Fillings that greatly mimic the colour and translucency of teeth such as composite fillings are more expensive compared to glass ionomer fillings because they have better aesthetic properties. For a single composite tooth filling, the cost is expected to be at around $300 – $450.

Meanwhile, the more biocompatible and durable gold fillings are valued at over $4000 per tooth.

Tooth Filling Price at Civic Gentle Dental Care

Our clinic offers quality and modern tooth filling materials at a price that you will be most comfortable with. Our glass ionomer fillings which are excellent tooth filling material for children to ensure stronger teeth will cost $150 – $350 per tooth. This is the same value for our dental composites which are innovative materials for good aesthetics and superior strength.

For extensive tooth decay that needs better material to ensure longevity, our clinic offers porcelain inlay/onlay that is valued at $650 – $990 per filling.

Keep in mind that these dentist prices for fillings are subject to variations depending on the difficulty of your case and the size of your cavity. In such cases, our dentist will explain to you the situation so you are aware that we do not make unnecessary procedures in your treatment.


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