Restorative Dentistry

Dental Crowns in CanberraDental crowns provide a handy way to restore and protect a worn down or damaged tooth due to decay.

Many were able to save their teeth with the help of this procedure.

Many want to know the answer to the question, are dental crowns permanent?

Even though dental crowns have a plethora of benefits, they don’t last forever and the need for a replacement is necessary.

Let us look at how long does a dental crown last as well as finding ways on how to keep them in good shape and form.

It should be noted that the overall quality of your dental crowns in Canberra can depend on the type of material that is used during their installation. This is the reason why a number of individuals recommend the use of stainless steel crown due to their added strength and durability.

You can prolong their use and effectivity with the help of proper care and maintenance. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth and tooth crown on a regular day to day basis.

Even though dental crowns today are made of strong materials, you will still want to avoid chewing hard objects like ice, pencils or pens as this can cause damage over time.

How do you know when a crown needs to be replaced? You need to look at the symptoms such as pain or swelling around the tooth. There are also cases such as a loose tooth crown that can make it necessary to have them checked right away.



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