Cosmetic Dentistry


Getting a dental implant might take from weeks to months and it involves 3 phases. This type of procedure needs to be done via dental surgery which takes hours. Also, this is done in more than one visit to the dentist.

The tooth implant process is being considered in every phase as well as how long does a dental implant take.

Most of the patients ask, how long does it take to get a dental implant? There are 3 phases.

  1. Phase 1 is for the evaluation. The dentist will evaluate you jaw bones or the bone structure where they will put the implant. If there will be any extractions needed as well as bone grafting, then it will be done on this phase.
  2. Phase 2 is for attaching the post and it is where the artificial root is placed which could take 1-2 hours. We have to wait for about 3-6 months for the titanium to heal with the bone.
  3. Phase 3 is the placement of the crown and on this last phase, the crown is placed on the artificial root. The impression of your mouth and the new tooth/teeth are created.

dental implant process timeline in CanberraThe dental implant process timeline differs with each patient as it depends on the healing process of each individual. Some patients could complete the whole process for a maximum of two years.

Proper planning with thorough examinations will help the dentist a lot in deciding whether the tooth replacement in Canberra will be a success or not. There might be some issues that could occur during the whole procedure that we cannot control and could affect the timeline as well as the healing time for the bones.

Careful planning must be done to avoid any dental implant failure and problems.

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