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Root Canal Cost

The root canal is one of the more important dental procedures that need to be performed as soon as possible. Their cost, however, can sometimes put people off as they can get pretty expensive making others think twice before getting them. With that being said, delaying root canal therapy is not advised as pain felt will be prolonged, the procedure will become more extensive and also costly the longer you wait. Let us look at some of the factors that can affect root canal price. 

Root Canal CostAs mentioned earlier, there are a lot of variables involved that can affect your root canal cost which can differ from person to person. The first thing that you will want to consider is where you want the procedure to be done. The root canal treatment cost for the front tooth will be the least expensive as dentists will be able to reach them easily. 

Getting them on the molars, on the other hand, will cost more as they are bigger in size amongst the teeth and they are also located on the farthest part making it a bit harder to reach them without the right tools. Also, the cost will vary depending on the severity of your root canal infection. 

Root Canal Cost in Canberra

Most dental clinics in Canberra offer root canal treatment from $990 – $1,600. It is quite expensive which is why browsing around dental clinics is advised to get the best deal in root canal therapy Canberra.

How Much is a Root Canal at Civic Gentle Dental Care? 

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our root canal cost Canberra ranges from $800 – $1,500 depending on the severity of the infected area. The definite cost will be determined once you have your check-up with our dentist.

It should be noted that most dental insurance companies can cover 50% to 80% allowing for cheap root canal treatment Canberra. This in turn makes it a good idea to invest in dental insurance way ahead of time. The cost, however, should not be your main focus as quality should always come first especially since you will be putting your oral health on the line. For that matter, make sure that you look for a trusted and reputable dentist like Civic Gentle Dental Care as you work hand in hand together in achieving your goals. 


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