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Tooth ImplantAfter inevitable tooth extraction, the next thing you should worry about and consult with your dentist is tooth replacement. What happens after extraction and why do you need to replace lost teeth?

Tooth Implants are the most ideal and modernised treatment for missing teeth. These are composed of a titanium post that acts as a tooth root.

This is embedded and biologically engaged into the jaw for maximum support and strength. The dental implant is finished with an appropriate tooth replacement in Canberra whether it is a dental crown or a full implant-supported denture.

If you are a suitable candidate, Dental Implants Canberra is the best choice for teeth replacement as it helps with the following:

  • Encourages normal functions of the teeth such as biting and chewing

Teeth located in the back of the mouth are made to withstand forces of chewing. With tooth implants, you need not worry about your dentures dislodging when eating as Teeth Implants are embedded into the jawbone. This helps with providing strength for normal teeth functions.

  • Enhances the smile and over-all self-esteem

For teeth located in areas of the mouth that are visible when you smile or speak, Teeth Implants have a finish that is close to the look and appearance of the natural tooth.

  • Preserves the function and appearance of other structures

After tooth extraction, the height of the bone will gradually decrease due to the lack of tooth roots. This is not a worry for Teeth Implants as the titanium posts would act as the tooth roots to maintain the height and the appearance of the bone. This support from the posts will also prevent the likelihood of gingival recession.

  • Long-term teeth replacement option

With regular check-ups, good oral hygiene, and excellent overall health, Canberra dental implants can last you for over 15 years, unlike dentures which have to be replaced as the fit often changes over time.

With the consequences brought about by missing teeth, it is important to discuss with your dentist the most suitable tooth replacement option immediately after extraction. 


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