Dental Appliances for Teeth Straightening

Even when one practice utmost care and attention to their dental health, accidents and injuries can cause several problems to your teeth. Issues such as crooked or misaligned teeth, teeth with gaps and the likes can have serious effects on the overall quality of your smile.

This can also be the reason why people shy away from giving their smile wholeheartedly because of these issues. It is good to hear however, that with the help of modern technology, new innovations and techniques in orthodontics have been introduced to help straighten teeth.

Teeth straightening has never been this easy with the help of several orthodontic appliances that are available in the present. People today will not be finding any shortage of the types of braces that can be installed to their teeth each with their own unique feature.

Types of braces in Canberra

For instance, there is the traditional metal braces which is a staple in the teeth straightening department that has been around for quite some time. These braces are made of strong material making them quite durable compared to other orthodontic treatment options.

There are also the invisible braces called Invisalign which lack strength however, they make it up with the visual aesthetic it provides as such type of braces are much harder to detect at first glance.

Having plenty of options with Canberra orthodontic braces is always a very much welcomed feature in the field of teeth straightening. This in turn makes it possible for just about anyone to find the best braces for teeth that will be able to cater to their preference and needs.



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Straight Teeth: How Will We Achieve It?

best orthodontist in CanberraWho doesn’t want to have straight teeth? All of us want to have straighter teeth. Fortunately, there are few treatments that can help you straighten your teeth.

Braces and Invisalign are the most common method to straighten your teeth as well as recommended by your orthodontist.

Orthodontists are a type of dentist that is more on a specialised area, mainly concentrating on straightening the teeth focusing on overbites, occlusions, misaligned teeth, jaws, and overcrowded mouths.

Unlike the dentist, they focus on the mouth, jaw, teeth, gums, and nerves. Orthodontist in Canberra is getting more and more popular these days because of teeth straightening treatment.

The best orthodontist in Canberra varies on the credentials and advancement of the technology of the practice. It is recommended that you check online reviews to have a little background from your orthodontist.

It is important that dental check-up will start early during childhood years, in that way the thorough dental check is already made before deciding to have Canberra orthodontics. Early detection of oral problems is really helpful to prevent further dental issues in the future.

Orthodontist prices in Canberra depend on the type of treatment you will be requested to have and for how long you need to use braces or Invisalign. Orthodontist in Canberra price is also based on the experience, length of service and his or her credentials. The place and technology advancement also affects the price.

Just take note that not all orthodontic treatment is covered by insurance and it would be better if you enquire first. Payment plans are also one of the options to help you with financing, just ask your dental practice about the requirements on how to avail it.



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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover: How Much Does It Cost?

A smile makeover is a way for us to improve our smile. This is usually done by a cosmetic dentist.

Having a perfect smile will truly improve your self-confidence and improves your quality of life. But how much does a smile makeover cost?

Cosmetic dentistry cost depends on how extent the treatment you will have, the choice of cosmetic dentist, location and how advanced the technology your dental practice has.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Canberra

There are a variety of cosmetic dental procedures available around Canberra. We have teeth whitening that could cost $800 per visit; dental veneers cost around $650 – $2,000 per tooth; dental implants for about $4,000 – $6,000; dental crowns for $1,800 – $2,500, orthodontic treatment whether Invisalign or traditional braces that could be around $7,000 – $15,000 and so much more. Cosmetic dentistry or a smile makeover really is expensive which is why searching for best deals around Canberra that provides quality yet affordable smile makeover is highly recommended.

How Much is Cosmetic Dentistry at Civic Gentle Dental Care?

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, we offer a variety of quality yet very affordable cosmetic dental procedures as compared to other dental practices around Canberra. Here’s our pricing:

  • Teeth Whitening
    • Take Home Teeth Whitening – $349
    • In-Chair Teeth Whitening – $449
  • Dental Veneers
    • Composite Veneers – $595 per tooth
    • Porcelain Veneers – $1,490 per tooth or $1,290 (for 6 or more porcelain veneers)
  • Dental Implants
    • Dental Implant + Dental Crown – $3,300
  • Dental Crowns
    • Ivoclar Vivadent Emax Ceramic Crown – $1,600
    • Zirconia Ceramic Crown – $1,600
    • Porcelain-fused Metal Crown – $1,600
  • Invisalign
    • Express Package – $4,299
    • Lite Package – $6,399
    • Moderate Package – $7,499
    • Comprehensive Package – $8,999

As we know there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry procedures and your insurance doesn’t always cover cosmetic dentistry in Canberra. Your cosmetic dentist will tell you options including treatment plan so that you will be aware of the item number to check with your insurance and payment plan in case you need further assistance in terms of financial.

It is important that before you undergo any treatment, your dentist already explained to you the pros and cons of the treatment that they need to do with you as well as the cosmetic dentistry before and after.

After treatment maintenance is also very important to avoid several problems later on. As we know aesthetics are not forever as the usual life span would range from 10 to 15 years depending on how you take care of yourself.

cosmetic dentistry cost in Canberra

Your cosmetic dentist for sure will always remind you to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid infection and also to prolong the lifespan of your aesthetic.

Always remember that cosmetic dentistry cost in Canberra is not cheap and for you to avoid overspending, it is better to keep your mouth clean. Cosmetic dentistry in Canberra is already known to a lot of people which is now popular and for sure it will continue in years to come.




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Cosmetic Dentistry

Professional Teeth Whitening in Canberra



We always do brushing and flossing to keep our teeth healthy. But this doesn’t help us whiten our teeth.

There are a lot of options to make our teeth whiter, like home remedies and over the counter products that can help us remove teeth stains from smoking, medications and other food that can stain our teeth.

The most common over the counter products are activated charcoal whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and gels. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are also famous because you can buy it in any grocery shops available.

Well, using over the counter products is usually not advisable as there are some products that may be harmful to our teeth. Take note that some products are not approved by the TGA.

Professional teeth whitening in Canberra is getting more and more famous in both men and women because having white teeth is always an instant attraction. Professional teeth whitening prices are ranging from $349 as the cheapest and up to $600 or more.

But is professional teeth whitening permanent? And is professional teeth whitening worth it? Well, professional teeth whitening is not permanent.

There are a lot of reasons why our teeth can still be stained. One of the common reasons is if you are a smoker as nicotine tends to stick on our teeth as we continue to smoke.Professional teeth whitening in Canberra

Another reason is if you are taking any prescribed medications that could actually affect the colour of your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is still worth it if you follow good oral hygiene making the whitening effect lasts longer. It is important that when you do Canberra teeth whitening you are also committed to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking.



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Orthodontist in Canberra

Orthodontist and dentist both help patients in the improvement of their oral health, though not in the same way. Dentistry is a general dental speciality that deals with your teeth, gums, nerves and jaw whilst orthodontics is a field under dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusions and teeth straightening.

It is also said that all orthodontist is a dentist but not all dentist are orthodontists.

A dentist normally provides services for the following oral problems; tooth decay, root canals, gum disease, crowns, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening.

On the other hand, Orthodontist is also a dentist that specialises in teeth alignment providing services for the following specialised cases: misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, overbite and under bite. If you need treatment for these teeth problems, you can easily find the best orthodontist in Canberra that could best assist you.

How Much Are Braces in Canberra?

Orthodontist prices in Canberra differs depending on your needs. Braces cost around $8,000-$15,000 whilst Invisalign cost $7,000-$9,000. Most orthodontist in Canberra price may be quite high, this is because Canberra orthodontic treatment is highly personalised and is based on both the orthodontist and the patient.

Braces Price at Civic Gentle Dental Care

At Civic Gentle Dental Care, our Invisalign price Canberra starts from $4,100 – $7,490 depending on the Invisalign package needed. For the traditional braces, our other dental branches in Sydney namely Hornsby Dental, Sydney CBD Dentistry, and North Ryde Dentistry will be able to cater this type of orthodontic treatment. Their braces are of excellent quality yet affordable. It is actually quite cheaper than most dental clinics around Sydney. Their braces cost starts from $4,500 – $6,000+ depending on the complexity of your case.

Your expenses are totally dependent on your age, insurance plan and the type of braces you want to wear. The orthodontist will determine the best treatment based on the following: your bite, stage of your crooked teeth, small or wide jaws, teeth shape and if your teeth are worn down due to a bad bite.Orthodontist in Canberra

Sometimes, your private health insurance will most likely cover some of the cost, so once your orthodontist provides you with a quote, it’s always best to call them to find out how much of the treatment cost will be covered.

The orthodontist may be quite high but they will help you figure out your orthodontics Canberra treatment options so that they can give you the best care for your investment.



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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth

Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth in CanberraDental implants are artificial tooth roots, shaped like a screw that is placed in your jawbone to bond with your natural bone that acts as sturdy bases to support one or more teeth called crowns.

Canberra dental implants are the closest you can get to replace your natural teeth.

It gives you the confidence and the freedom to live your life to the fullest, to eat, smile laugh, talk, kiss and be as merry and happy as you can be without worrying about your teeth.

However, if you’re considering implants, you must have healthy gums and adequate bone to be able to support the implant. If your bone is too soft or thin, and can’t support an implant, a bone graft may be required.

Also, if there is not enough bone height in your upper jaw or if your sinuses are too close to your jaw, a sinus lift will be advised.

Another important factor is the price, how much is the cost of implant around Canberra?

How much will a single tooth implant cost?

In Canberra, most dental practices offer a single-tooth dental implant cost around $4,000 to $6,000 each. The abutment and crown add between $1,700 to $2,500. This is the average out-of-pocket price without the help of dental insurance or dental plans. Depending on different factors, from a number of the implants to be placed and the type of implant procedure done, the dental implant cost in Canberra may vary. Yes, it is expensive which is why searching around for dental clinics that gives the best quality and price is recommended.

How Much Are Dental Implants at Civic Gentle Dental Care?

The tooth implant cost in Canberra here at Civic Gentle Dental Care is much more affordable as compared to other dental clinics around. For a procedure that involves a straightforward single dental implant, it costs $3,300 and that comes with a dental crown already. On the other hand, a more complicated dental implant procedure that involves bone graft would cost a bit more which is why a consultation is a must so our dentist can give you a definite price.

Dental implants have become a significant part of modern dentistry, and millions have already gained a lot from having implants. So it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of replacing a tooth or a few teeth, or if you’re sick or irritated of loose dentures, implants may just be the right thing for you.

So, go and book an appointment with your dentist today and enjoy its rewards in the future.



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Cosmetic Dentistry

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are one of the most common tooth replacements for tooth gaps. As we get older we cannot avoid the fact that we will slowly lose our teeth.

Nowadays, we are lucky to experience the latest technology when it comes to tooth replacements especially that dental implant in Canberra is getting more famous for both men and women.

So how many years does a dental implant last? and how long does a dental implant take? How successful are dental implants? Dental implants success depends on how the patient maintains good oral hygiene and if the patients’ jaw is not deteriorating.

The durability of dental implants is like your natural teeth since it is grafted into your bone. Dental implants can last for 10-25 years.

This type of treatment really amazed patients because it looks like natural teeth and it really improves your appearance as people won’t even notice that you are wearing an artificial tooth.

Canberra dental implants also improve self-esteem, improves speech and more convenient than other types of treatment. Unlike dentures, which are removable that could also fall off while doing activities or by simply talking which can cause a huge embarrassment to a person.

The dental implant is permanent but the only thing that you need to consider for dental implants is that it will take 3-6 months to complete the treatment. Yes, it takes a while but it’s a guarantee that you will be able to live comfortably and be able to eat any food that you like.

Be informed that not all dental implants are covered by insurance so it is usually out of the pocket and a bit expensive. But since a dental implant is in high demand, dental practices offers payment plans just ask them how to process it.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist

A dental appointment is very scary to other people especially if the treatment is tooth extraction. But there are different kinds of dentists, and one of them is a cosmetic dentist.

What can a cosmetic dentist do? And how do you find a good cosmetic dentist? The first thing that you need to consider when looking for a good cosmetic dentist is to look for his or her credentials whether he or she is trained for dental veneers, laser dentistry, Invisalign or all-white restorations and other cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentist Canberra with good academic and skills background is the first thing that you need to consider since he or she will be the one who will do the treatments for you.

Another thing that you need to consider is how much is cosmetic dentistry procedure that you would like to have whether your dental practice offers a payment plan or do they cater to necessary options so that we can commit to it.

You also need to consider the location and convenience of the practice so that you will not have difficulty in going back and forth to your dentist especially if you will have a treatment that would require several visits to your dentist.Cosmetic Dentist in Canberra

Cosmetic dentistry services like veneers, teeth whitening, crowns and etc. should be done by a professional cosmetic dentist and there are a lot of choices for the best cosmetic dentist in Canberra.

If you have not decided where to go to, try to check the reviews of their patients to help you decide who to choose to have a treatment with.

There is nothing wrong in doing a little research about your dentist in Canberra. After all your decision is still what matters.




Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity affects most people who tend to whiten their teeth to some degree, for some it could just be a mild tingling sensation but for others, it can be more intense. The extent of irritation while whitening sensitive teeth depends on 2 variables: Saliva Flow in the Mouth & Tooth Enamel’s Present Condition.

Tooth sensitivity is due to tooth dehydration. What usually happens during teeth whitening is the whitening gel go through its natural process from active to inactive, the tubules (pores) in the tooth are left open and exposed which results in tooth dehydration. During tooth dehydration dentin (inner layer) compresses inward causing pressure to the nerve which results in teeth discomfort.

Teeth will remain sensitive until pressure is alleviated from re-hydration. Normal re-hydration & saliva production usually takes several hours but it could take up to 48 hrs for people with a dry mouth or low saliva flow.

Some people with tooth sensitivity tend to use teeth whitening toothpaste to help whiten their teeth but teeth whitening toothpaste can only do so much as it can only remove surface stains caused by coffee drinking or smoking. It can’t change the natural colour of your teeth or lighten a stain that is deeper than the tooth’s surface.

Teeth whitening toothpaste typically includes special abrasives for polishing teeth and peroxide or other chemicals to break down and dissolve stains. Others contain the Chemical Blue Corvarine, which conforms to the teeth’s surface and makes teeth appear less yellow by creating an optical illusion.

But if you have sensitive teeth, it’s best to have your teeth professionally whitened, so that the dentist can monitor your teeth during the procedure at all times. It is the best choice of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.

Professional teeth whitening in Canberra is readily offered, so you don’t have far to go. Let’s check out, how much teeth whitening in Canberra would cost though. The average teeth whitening cost in Canberra is around $800 per visit, take-home trays cost about $400 to $500 and $100 for over-the-counter bleaching trays or strips. Here at Civic Gentle Dental Care, our Take Home Teeth Whitening is only $349 whilst our In-Chair Teeth Whitening is only $449. Just add $100 for Take Home Whitening if purchased together with In-Chair Teeth Whitening.

But whatever type of Canberra teeth whitening you decide to get, it’s best to consult your dentist about it. Don’t worry because you can find the best teeth whitening deals in Canberra. So call your dentist now, book an appointment today and enjoy whiter teeth tomorrow.


Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth in Canberra




Cosmetic Dentistry

How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

Cosmetic Dentistry cost in CanberraA smile makeover is a process wherein one will have his/her appearance improved through his/her smile by availing cosmetic dentistry services like dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth implants and composite bonding.

However, treatment is not the same for everyone, your treatment would always depend on how major a change you seek in a smile and the condition your teeth are in, to begin with.

How Much Is Cosmetic Dentistry in Canberra?

Cosmetic dentistry cost Canberra can go from around $800 for basic brightening to as much as $100,000 for a full overhaul of the mouth and some plastic surgery.

Cost of Cosmetic Dental Procedures at Civic Gentle Dental Care

  • In-Chair Teeth Whitening – $449
  • Dental Veneers – $595 – $1,490 depending on material
  • Dental Implant + Dental Crown – $3,300
  • Dental Crowns – from $1,600 – $2,000 depending on material
  • Invisalign from $4,299 – $8,999 depending on Invisalign package

Furthermore, before booking for a smile makeover, it also helps to have a consultation with your Canberra dentist, try to balance your options, check out cosmetic dentistry before and after photos just to have an idea of what to expect after your chosen treatment.

So what is really a smile make-over and what are the treatments involved? To be able to give you an idea on what to expect, here are the procedures that may be included:

  • Laser Teeth Whitening – this is a very common addition for smile makeovers because difference in tooth colour happens to almost everyone.
  • Veneers – this treatment is done to people who not only wish to change the colour but the shape of their teeth as well, although it can be more expensive than whitening.
  • Orthodontic Treatment– traditional metal braces or Invisalign is the perfect choice for people seeking cosmetic dentistry as it can repair and remedy all kinds of concern including overbites, underbites, crossbites, gaps and crowded teeth.
  • Dental Implants – this is the most intricate among all the procedures because this involves oral surgery and recovery.
  • Gum Therapy- if you have periodontal disease, you would need deep cleaning of your gums and antibiotic application to prevent further infection. This is done because your gums play a crucial part in the overall appearance of your mouth.
  • Crowns and Bridges – this repairs decayed or lacking teeth. Crowns cover the tooth to improve its appearance and protect the tooth against further damage while bridges, fill in the gaps left by missing teeth.

So how long do these procedures normally last? It usually takes a few weeks to a year, since your smile will be custom fitted to your taste and needs; rushing the procedure is not an option.

So if you want to have that perfect smile, go book an appointment with your nearest dentist today. There are a lot of dental clinics offering cosmetic dentistry in Canberra, check one out today and be amazed at how your smile could be changed for the better.




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